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Sometimes it's easier to understand a subject with visuals. Title insurance and the real estate closing process in general are just two examples. 

With that in mind, take a moment to tour our new Homebuyer Videos section. Real estate agents: Use this section as a resource for your homebuyers. And homebuyers: Use this section to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes leading up to closing.

Here at Federal Title, we believe it's important to inform homebuyers, many of whom are purchasing a home for the first time. The more our homebuyers know in advance, the better prepared and the more comfortable they are when it comes time to sit down at the closing table.

Unfortunately, title insurance is tough to illustrate in pictures (hence our text-heavy blog).

Thankfully though, we've got friends at local company called Say it Visually, who've helped us explain the steps between ratified sales contract and signed HUD-1 settlement statement in terms as simple as stick figures.

We have plans to create a series of videos about various aspects of the closing process. We'll post each video in the newly created Homebuyer Videos section.

As it turns out, these videos take some times to make, and so production is inching along slowly. All right, we only have two videos so far...

These days more and more web users are turning to online videos to learn everything from how to change a bicycle tire to, well, how to buy a house. But did you know Federal Title was the first in the title industry to produce videos for homebuyers explaining title insurance and closing costs?

Other title companies jumped on the bandwagon shortly after, and now even the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development is creating videos to help homebuyers understand the real estate closing process.

We know most homebuyers will do an online search before contacting a real estate agent. The wisest homebuyers will also research the title company that handles their settlement.

It's our hope that by educating prospective homebuyers, using tools such as our Homebuyer Videos section, we they will be better equipped to make informed decisions throughout the homebuying and closing process.

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