Headlines: When baby boomers become empty nesters

Headlines: When baby boomers become empty nesters
High home prices have many baby boomers experiencing sticker shock in the DC metro area, according to a report from CNBC.
Here's a look at what's happening in real estate in and around the District of Columbia. 

Save at settlement by cutting your closing costs

By understanding what title insurance is, how it works and why you need it, you can ensure you’re adequately protecting your real estate investment without spending more money than you have to. -Washington Post

How Starbucks impacts home values in the DC metro area

Looking for somewhere to live that's constantly abuzz with soaring home prices? If you live near a Starbucks, you'll find that and much more. In top 10 list of U.S. Metro areas whose home values were most affected by Starbucks, Washington, D.C. placed third. -Curbed DC

When appealing a property tax assessment in DC fails

In the past year, 4,507 valuation appeals went to RPTAC, of which 3,290 were residential. That was a big increase for the small commission, with valuation appeals up 1,236 from the year before. -Urban Turf

Home price gains stall in Washington 

Home values in the Washington market continue to rise much more slowly than many other cities, with prices little changed from a year ago, according to real estate firm CoreLogic Inc. -Washington Business Journal

Sticker shock stalls downsizing boomers

Their desire, however, to live in walkable, urban centers, where they can lead an active physical and cultural lifestyle, is just not affordable in today's tight market. They are therefore staying put longer, and causing a huge shortage of available inventory for the overall housing market. -CNBC

Downsizing tips for empty nesters

Life is a journey. Couples buy the big house when they start their families. But when their kids fly the coop, they’re stuck with a too-big house that no longer meets their needs or fits their lifestyle. -Washington Post

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