DC zoning changes in the works

Did you know that the District of Columbia is changing its zoning regulations? The process started almost five years ago and has been somewhat contentious.

This article in the Washington Post discusses some of the most controversial issues, like “accessory” apartments and off-street parking requirements. DC has set up a website to provide the public with information about the zoning change efforts, including the text of the proposed changes.

The current Zoning Ordinance was approved in 1958. While the Zoning Ordinance has been amended numerous times over the years, the regulations still contain outdated terms, and putting amendments on top of amendments has become very cumbersome. So DC is doing a complete overhaul.

According to the Washington Post article, the DC Zoning Commission will be presented with more than 700 pages of revised zoning regulations at a meeting on July 29, 2013, and a formal review of the revisions is set to begin in September.

We will keep you posted...

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