Close It!™ House of the Week: Sophisticated urban living in LeDroit Park

Close It!™ House of the Week: Sophisticated urban living in LeDroit Park
Close It™ is the free Web and iOS app that calculates cash to close for buyers and cash in pocket for sellers.

We're swanking things up for this week's installment and checking out a luxurious Victorian semi-detached home that's achieved centenarian status in LeDroit Park. This home went on the market this week for $1.249 million.

This house offers two decks that overlook a private yard that is large enough for entertaining. In addition to 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, this house also has an English basement that can be rented out to supplement the mortgage payment.

Assuming a homebuyer puts down 20 percent on a conventional loan, her cash to close number will be approximately $284,417.34. Monthly payments will then be around $5,461.90 per month. For a complete picture of the cash to close, including the seller's side of the transaction, try the Web version of Close It™ or download the free Close It™ iOS app.

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