Todd Ewing

Todd Ewing

Todd Ewing founded Federal Title & Escrow Company in 1996 on a makeshift desk fashioned from a piece of wood stretched across a couple of sawhorses.

Federal Title is different from most other title companies because Mr. Ewing invests heavily in consumer-driven technology to attract new business instead of participating in Affiliated Business Arrangements or Marketing Service Agreements.

Mr. Ewing and Federal Title have a long track record of implementing technology to streamline the closing process and save consumers money.

His company first shook the industry by releasing Eagle Quotes, a software that allows users to produce accurate closing cost quotes and order settlement services online, tools that appeal directly to consumers. Shortly after, Mr. Ewing introduced the Real Credit instant discount for orders placed online, representing to consumers how much other title companies kickback to referral sources. More recently, Mr. Ewing developed a first-of-its-kind mobile app called Close It! that tells homebuyers and sellers exactly how much it will cost to buy or sell property in the DC metro area (and Florida).

Mr. Ewing received his law degree from Drake University Law School and his undergraduate degree from Iowa State University. He has practiced real estate law in the DC metro area since 1991 and is a member of the DC Bar and Maryland & Virginia Land Title Associations. He's also a partner with the law firm Tobin, O'Connor and co-founder of, the first online marketplace in the U.S. for real estate closings. 

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Clarifying a common misconception: title insurance premiums

We've said it before, and we want to make it absolutely clear because we continue to get questions about title insurance premiums. Title insurance premiums are NOT created equal.

While you no doubt have heard that title insurance underwriters are legally required to file their rates with the local insurance commission, underwriters do not file identical rate schedules.

It is true that title companies who are agents of the same underwriter must charge the same title insurance premium. But sometimes title companies become agents of multiple underwriters, using one title insurance underwriter for one jurisdiction and a second underwriter in another jurisdiction, etc.

Federal Title is a prime example of this. We use different underwriters depending on the jurisdiction, allowing us to pass extended savings on to our homebuyers.

We receive calls fairly regularly from confused agents, lenders and consumers who are wondering why our Quick Quote reflects a title insurance premium on a Maryland property that is hundreds of dollars less than the other quotes. It's not because our quote is incorrect, it's because our underwriter charges a lower premium.

That title insurance premiums are created equal is a common misconception we wish to clarify for our agents and lenders as well as consumers, because we believe they are our best ally when it comes to looking out for the best interest of our homebuyers.

Refinancing home loan will require new lender's title insurance policy

Refinancing home loan will require new lender's title insurance policy

For those who closed with Federal Title in the recent past and who may be considering refinancing their mortgage, we'd like to let you know we can provide you substantial savings on your closing costs.

In addition to providing a reissue rate discount on your title insurance premium, Federal Title also offers repeat clients a $200 credit applied toward settlement fees. When you order settlement services through our website, you can save an additional $100.

We'd like to remind you that it's your legal right to choose your own settlement service provider. Often times borrowers are not aware or informed of this right and end up spending more on closing costs than they should.

Get a free and anonymous Quick Quote from us and see how it stacks up to your mortgage lender's title company.

As you may know, we are the leading independent title company serving the DC metro area, and our settlements are conducted by licensed attorneys – not inexperienced notaries. Our online reviews tell our story.

RSVP to our software demo of

Create is a Web-based application we recently discovered that is helping us improve how we do business. It occurred to me that other real estate pros might like to see how they can also benefit from this useful tool.

We have organized a live demonstration of Create and invite you to join us at our Friendship Heights office on Tuesday, March 1 at 10 a.m. to learn clever ways you can leverage this software to improve your real estate business. Click here to RSVP.

The application provides excellent insight into the District’s inventory of real property – residential and commercial. It's essentially a clickable 3D map of the city. Click on any building to get a highly detailed report of the property, including such things as ownership, zoning and permits.

Beyond the property itself, Create offers a snapshot of current market conditions and the people currently living in the neighborhood: average household income, educational attainment, cars per household, average commute times and more. We've found this information to be useful for tailoring marketing strategies to the specific audiences and neighborhoods where we work.

I reached out to the developer of this nifty tool, Stefan Martinovic – who told me Create is generating buzz with nearly every active brokerage, developer and investment company in town – and asked him to present a live demonstration at our Friendship Heights office on Tuesday, March 1 at 10 a.m. Click here to RSVP.

In the meantime, you can test the application for free by heading over to from your desktop browser. Stefan is also offering a 40% discount on the premium subscription with the promo code "CreateLove."

What homebuyers need to know beginning this weekend

What homebuyers need to know beginning this weekend

Much of the focus of TRID has been on how it's going to change the real estate game from a business standpoint. But what do your buyers and sellers need to know about the final rule for TRID?

The folks over at Urban Turf, one of DC's most popular real estate blogs, called us yesterday and asked us to weigh in on the question.

In a nutshell, your buyers and sellers should be prepared to set aside more time for closings, especially in the beginning as the industry gets acclimated. Your buyers and sellers also need to bear in mind how sensitive the closing timeline is and be prompt when asked to provide information about their transaction.

Please take a moment to view the article and share it with your clients. Hopefully it will make the transition, which begins this weekend, a little easier for everyone.

Top 10 things real estate agents should know about the new TILA-RESPA integrated disclosures

Top 10 things real estate agents should know about the new TILA-RESPA integrated disclosures
Editor's note: The director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a statement announcing a delay in the implementation of the new TILA-RESPA integrated disclosures until October 1, 2015.
Big changes are on the way that will impact real estate agents, lenders, buyers and sellers alike. The HUD-1 is out come August 1, and the Closing Disclosure form (CDF) is in. 

A new form inevitably means new procedures and deadlines to observe, which is why we've put together this list of things we think are most important to know about the new regulations. 

1.  The lender – not the settlement agent – will in most cases be preparing and delivering the CDF, which will be used to most loan applications taken for new mortgages after August 1, 2015.

2. The CDF must be delivered to the buyer/consumer at least three business days prior to the scheduled closing date.

3. The settlement agent must deliver information to the lender approximately 10 to 14 days prior to the closing date for completion of CDF to meet the delivery requirement. 

• You will need to communicate to the closing agent all your buyer charges and credits 10 to 14 days prior to the closing date. (Federal Title has simplified this communication by emailing you and your homebuyer a link to an easy-to-complete online form as soon as we receive the new transaction order.)

4. The settlement agent will need your real estate broker’s state license number and your individual real estate license number for the new CDF.

• Federal Title stores license numbers for most brokers and agents in their respective profiles within our WorkFlow system, saving agents time and effort involved in communicating this information each time Federal Title receives a new transaction order.

5. The CDF sent to the buyer/consumer won’t include the seller’s side of the transaction. 

• The settlement agent (not the lender) is responsible for completing and delivering the seller’s side of the CDF. (Federal Title will prepare and deliver a separate CDF and/or settlement statement to the seller well in advance of the closing date.)

6. You likely won't receive an advance copy of the CDF from the lender before it’s delivered to the buyer/consumer. 

• The lender will likely send the CDF to the settlement agent when it’s sent to the buyer/consumer.

• The settlement agent will probably not be permitted to send a copy to real estate agents; you will need to obtain a copy from the borrower.

7. Changes to the CDF after delivery to the buyer/consumer MAY trigger a new three-day waiting period if changes cause the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to be inaccurate, the buyer changes loan product or a prepayment penalty is added.

• Changes and adjustments affecting the value of the property (as determined by the lender) may trigger additional disclosure and review periods under the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) controlling the delivery of the appraisals.

• You may want to consider two pre-settlement inspections or walk-throughs (e.g., first inspection 7 to 10 days in advance of closing and a second inspection on the day of the closing).

8. Review and become familiar with the CDF so that you can answer buyer and seller questions. Note the CDF refers to Owner’s Title Insurance as optional in some circumstances. Obtain appropriate advice for the buyer/consumer on the protections given to them through owner’s title insurance.

• Federal Title’s Close It! calculator application is a perfect resource for gaining familiarity with the new CDF.

• Please point your prospective homebuyers toward Federal Title's articles on title insurance and title claims. share Federal Title’s Guide to Owner’s Title Insurance with prospective home buyers.

9. The new TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rules may affect the contract terms that you help negotiate for either the buyer or the seller. It’s important to communicate with the lender and closing agent to determine a realistic time frame for closings under these new rules.

• For example, a closing 20 days out or less may no longer be realistic.

• When specifying the closing date, take additional time into consideration.

10. What system do you have in place to communicate changes to the contract (after it’s been signed) to the lender? Consider having a conversation with buyers about the high importance of timely responses to lender requests, and remind sellers they must follow the contract to the letter because not doing so may delay the closing.

DC ups Homestead Exemption benefit

DC ups Homestead Exemption benefit

The District of Columbia's Tax and Revenue Office announced they have increased the Homestead Exemption benefit to $71,400, which is applied against the property's assessed value.

That translates into an annual benefit of $606.90 for homeowners who qualify.

The benefit is limited to residential property which must be occupied by the owner/applicant and must be the principal residence of the owner/applicant. 

Federal Title will continue to file the application on behalf of all homebuyers who qualify.

Choosing your own title company - yet another reason

Two of the largest financial institutions in the country are having their feet held to the fire over blatant violations of the Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act, according to a complaint filed in federal court last week by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Maryland Attorney General.

The complaint involves employees of Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase who participated in a kickback scheme with a now-defunct Maryland title company Genuine Title in which loan officers received cash, marketing materials and customer information in exchange for referrals. 

"This type of quid pro quo arrangement is illegal, and it’s unfair to other businesses that play by the rules," said Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh.

More than 100 loan officers from at least 18 Wells Fargo branches allegedly participated in the scheme as did at least six loan officers from three Chase bank branches, according to the complaint. Consequently, Wells Fargo is facing $24 million in civil penalties and $10.8 million in redress while JPMorgan Chase faces $600,000 in civil penalties and $300,000 in redress. 

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