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    The CFPB uses lots of new lingo as well as paperwork. We can help sort it out.
    Reliable, on-time closings for you and your clients are what we aim to achieve. Easily submit title orders online,
    and we'll automatically keep all parties updated by email (and we're always a phone call away).

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Why choose Federal Title?

Order settlement with us, and we'll take care of the rest. We'll keep you up-to-date while keeping costs for your clients down.

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When your homebuyers ask exactly how much cash it's going to take to buy their dream home, give them an exact answer.

Our free real estate app takes the guesswork out of closing costs.

Look like a closing expert

Have all the answers when your homebuyers ask, with a little help from WorkFlow. We'll email you timely updates regarding the status of your client's closings automatically – no login required.

WorkFlow is a custom-built software that allows us to process closings electronically.

Look like a professional

We've adopted a series of industry standard business procedures known as Best Practices to ensure our closings are federally compliant and hassle-free.

Best Practices means you can count on consistent, on-time closings.