DC Tax Abatement Program

The DC Tax Abatement Program provides an exemption from the DC 1.1% Recordation Tax and an allowable credit from your seller(s) of 1.1% equal to the DC Transfer Tax.

Additionally, the program provides a five-year real estate tax abatement that begins October 1 following your date of closing.

Income limitations

In order to qualify, the total gross household income must not exceed:

Persons in household   Household income limits
1   $56,100
2   $64,080
3   $72,120
4   $80,100
5   $86,520
6   $92,940
7   $99,360
8   $105,780

In addition to meeting the above salary requirements, the property must be owner-occupied by a first-time homebuyer and the purchase price of the property shall not exceed $356,000.00 $367,200.

Proof of assets

You will be required to provide the closing agent copies of the following:

  • Copies of your tax returns from the last two years,

  • Copies of your W-2s from the last two years,

  • Copies of your two most recent paystubs.

Updated 4/17/2013 | This information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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